More than 300 cases of financial corruption and bribery in 3 months

SAMA orders banks to lend businesses money to avoid any job cuts
SAMA orders banks to lend businesses money to avoid any job cuts

More than 300 cases of financial corruption and bribery in 3 months. During the last three months, the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority initiated more than 300 criminal cases. Which varied between abuse of influence and financial bribery.

More than 300 cases of financial corruption and bribery in 3 months

The Control and Anti-Corruption Authority confirmed that it continues to monitor. And control anyone who encroaches on public money or exploits the position to achieve his personal interest or to harm the public interest. The authority is continuing to implement what the system requires against the transgressors.

The corruption cases, details announced by the Control and Anti-Corruption Commission during the past three months. Included judges in the General Court in one of the regions of the Kingdom, soldiers, government employees, and citizens.

Among the most prominent during the last period (announced on 15 Dhu al-Qi’dah)
  • Suspending 3 employees of the Saudi Electricity Company for obtaining a bribe of up to 535 thousand euros from a French company. And another 30 thousand euros as expenses during their visit to the company in France. And a meeting with its officials without the knowledge of the Saudi Electricity Company. With the aim of accepting the products of the French company and increasing the purchase orders on them. Taking advantage of their job positions. One of them also received a bribe of 800,000 riyals from suppliers inside the Kingdom to award supply contracts in their favor from the Electricity Company.
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Housing. Suspending 3 brothers, one of who works in the military sector. And the other two are a real estate resident in one of the appraisal companies approved by the Ministry of Housing. To exploit this for their benefit, communicate with the owners of the property. And agree with them to raise its value above the market value by approximately one million riyals. And the extra amount will be their share.
  • The arrest of an individual working in the police of one of the regions – in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior – for requesting “bribe” sums of money from expatriates in exchange for canceling curfew violations. Taking advantage of the nature of his work.
  • Suspending 5 customs employees at a land port for fraud, bribery, and exploiting their influence by manipulating orders. And instructions and recording their names in records of seizure of smuggling operations not participating in them to obtain financial rewards amounting to 264 thousand riyals.
  • An employee of the Public Prosecution office arrested. The moment he received an amount of 30,000 riyals out of 110,000 riyals as a bribe in exchange for handing over to a citizen the original treatment of his case and deleting the archived copies at the Public Prosecution
  • A businessman who owns a hospital circumvented the system and violated orders and instructions to provide support to workers in the private sectors affected by the Corona crisis. And reduce the impact of the financial crisis, “SANED”, and they obtained 1.5 million riyals.
  • Suspending the head of the criminal investigation unit in a police station, “with the rank of lieutenant colonel”. In cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, to exploit his position and his job influence. Release 4 expatriates, stop searching for them, and not return them to the competent authority in exchange for obtaining a “bribe” smartphone device.
  • 2 employees of the Electricity Company and project engineers tampered with the specifications of some projects. This resulted in an increase in the value of a project of 400 thousand riyals. As they vacated their duties and received a bribe.
On the first of Dhu al-Hijjah, the Commission announced the issuance of initial judgments for a number of cases. The most prominent of which were:
  • Arresting a judge in one of the general courts in the Kingdom, and charging him with bribery. Sentenced to 4 years imprisonment and a fine of 130 thousand riyals, 5 months imprisonment for the mediator, and a fine of 20 thousand riyals.
  • An appeals judge took advantage of his job influence and received a bribe and was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment and a 100,000 riyal fine, 4 years imprisonment for the bribery citizen, and a 100,000 riyal fine.
  • A citizen deluding residents with the possibility of canceling the deportation penalty issued against them in exchange for 800 thousand riyals and accusing residents of paying a financial bribe, money laundering, and commercial concealment, they were sentenced to two years imprisonment, the residents and their sponsors were imprisoned for a period of two and a half years, and each one of them was fined 20 thousand riyals And the confiscation of the seized amount of 799.5 thousand riyals, and the deportation of the residents from the country after the end of their sentences.
  • Two employees in the Education Department in one of the regions were accused of fraud, misappropriation, and squandering of public money, money laundering, and administrative misuse, and they were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, and a fine of 1.020 million riyals, and obligating him to return the embezzled amount of 13.2 million riyals and preventing him from traveling 4 years after the execution of the ruling, The second was imprisoned for 9 months, fined 20,000 riyals, and obliged to return 19.3 thousand riyals.
  • Employees of the Ministry of Housing, one of them’s brother and a businessman accused of bribery, money laundering, and exploiting the influence of the public office. Sentenced to 8 years imprisonment, a fine of 2 million riyals, confiscation of land owned by him as a bribe, confiscation of 618 thousand riyals, and a ban from traveling for 4 years, imprisonment. The second is 8 years, and he is fined 2 million riyals, 1,007 million riyals confiscated, he is banned from travel for 4 years, the third is sentenced to 4 years in prison, he is fined one million riyals, the house registered in his name is confiscated, he is banned from traveling for 4 years, the businessman is sentenced to one year in prison, and he is fined. 500 thousand riyals.
  • An officer with the rank of major and a non-commissioned officer with the rank of sergeant at the Ministry of Defense was accused of embezzling 3.6 million riyals and engaging in trade. And after they returned the embezzled sum, the court ruled that the first was imprisoned for 5 years, fined 20 thousand riyals. The second was imprisoned for two years, and he was fined 30 thousand riyals.
On the 20th of last Dhu al-Hijjah, the commission announced a number of issues, the most prominent of which are:
  • Suspending a businessman in the Eastern Province and 10 citizens, including a current member of the Shura Council, a former judge, a current notary, a former bank employee, as well as a former district police director, a former customs director for an airport, and a number of retired officers for the businessman’s involvement in paying financial and in-kind bribes during their tenure of more than 20 One million riyals.
  • Likewise, the businessman involved in money laundering and fraud cases by raising the value of his real estate inside the Kingdom to more than one billion riyals to inflate his wealth through fake sales. And huge amounts of cash using the aforementioned Shura Council member, “before joining the council,” and his company employees and obtaining facilities and loans from banks inside and outside the Kingdom in an irregular manner.
  • The arrest of the commander of a security sector with the rank of a brigade. Four officers from his subordinates and the financial representative of the Ministry of Finance, for the aforementioned brigade for forgery in one of the records for the supply of vehicles for a Hajj mission in 1441 AH, which resulted in the amendment of an order for the supply of luxury vehicles (Mercedes “Maybach”) that was used by the first in person. And an officer discharged 1.7 million liters of petrol to a company in an irregular manner.
  • The suspension of a former governor for obtaining a luxury vehicle from a businessman. In exchange for facilitating his procedures at government departments in the governorate. And the existence of a financial movement in his bank accounts. That he could not justify its source that does not match his income as a government employee.
  • Suspension of 3 employees of the Ministry of National Guard for exploiting their employment influence by misappropriating medicines. Including narcotic medicines, from warehouses belonging to the Ministry, whose value is 864 thousand riyals.
  • An employee of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture. Arrested for obtaining 20 thousand riyals as a bribe totaling 50 thousand riyals. From a company in exchange for facilitating the procedures for renting a building for the ministry. Including an amount of 11 million riyals.

The authority indicated that it appreciates the efforts of government agencies in combating financial and administrative corruption. The development of policies and procedures that enhance the efficiency of performance and speed of achievement and blocking outlets of corruption. And commends the cooperation of those authorities with them in reporting through their available channels.

Source: Akhbaar 24

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