5 Things to do while staying at home or Quarantined

staying at home
staying at home

5 Things to do while staying at home or Quarantined in these difficult times. Remember there is always time to start something new or do which you would not because of a busy life. This is the time to bring back the things you love, staying at home doesn’t have to be boring. You can do a lot of things. More Details below.

5 Things to do while staying at home or Quarantined

Take out your Board or Trivia Games – staying at home

Remember those times when you use to enjoy board games with friends and families. It is time to bring all those games out from your cupboards or buy a new one. Some of the famous board games are Ludo, Monopoly, puzzles, Mafia, etc. Chess and Jenga are also good choices. These choices are available in digital form but enjoy it in the traditional way.

It’s never late to learn a new skill – staying at home

It’s never late to learn a new skill for anyone. Staying at home can motivate you to achieve something which will help you later. Some of the skills which you can learn at home include Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Photography, learn a new language or learn to play a musical instrument.

Cook or Bake your Favourite Food

It’s never late to enjoy some good food. Find some interesting recipes and wake up the chef hidden inside of you. If you don’t know how to cook, now is the time to wear that apron and go to the Kitchen. If you are in quarantine with family, a joint cooking session will help you enjoy the cooking time.

Catch up with your friends and families – Video or Group Video Calls

Social Distancing is necessary in these times to minimize the effect of this deadly virus. But that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to your family and friends. Group Video calling might help you in having a debated conversation with your siblings or friends like you do in reality.

Catch up on your prayers

Lastly, try to pray 5 times a day if you are a Muslim. But prayers are not only for Muslims. Every faith should try to remember that these times are upon us and we should ask for forgiveness and health of everyone around us.

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