5 Al Baik Branches in Riyadh

al baik branches riyadh xpress
al baik branches riyadh xpress

5 Al Baik Branches in Riyadh

Al Baik Branches in Riyadh. Whenever we talk about Fried Chicken in Saudi Arabia, one name always comes up which is Al Baik. People from Jeddah or Makkah use to brag about the great taste of Al Baik but a few years ago Riyadh & Dammam was also introduced with some great chicken. Rest assured you will feel hungry after reading this article, so we advise note down the locations and visit tonight.

Al Baik New Branch

  • Hai Al Wizarat Branch. (Coming Soon)
  • Al Baik opens its branch in King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh.
  1. Riyadh-Taif Highway – AlBaik Branch
  2. Naseem – AlBaik Branch
  3. Al Fayha- AlBaik Branch
  4. Shifa – AlBaik Branch
  5. Laban – AlBaik Branch

1: Riyadh-Taif Highway

The first branch of AlBaik in Riyadh’s outskirts. Just before the checkpoint of Riyadh-Taif highway. Full AlBaik menu served in this branch. The weekend spot for Riyadhians. No Family seating area but there is a separate counter for Ladies which makes easy for families.

  • Location: Click Here
  • Parking: High
  • Full Menu: Yes
  • Average Order Time: 15-20Minutes
  • Average PickUp Time: 12-18Minutes
  • Seating Area: Yes – For Males Only Limited

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