That’s how you can order AlBaik online during Curfew

order albaik online xpress riyadh
order albaik online xpress riyadh

Order AlBaik Online

Order AlBaik Online – AlBaik is a famous fast food restaurant in Saudi Arabia. We are receiving queries & questions on how can order AlBaik online during the curfew time.

Frequent Questions

Question 1: How can we order AlBaik online?

Answer: You can place an order of AlBaik through MrSool Mobile application. Download the application by Clicking Here.

Question 2: Can we order AlBaik broasted online?

Answer: Yes! If its available.

Question 3: How much time it takes to deliver AlBaik?

Answer: It depends on the order queue & the distance between the restaurant & your home.

Question 4: Does MrSool charge for the delivery & how much it is?

Answer: Yes! MrSool charges for the delivery and it depends on the distance from the restaurant & your delivery place. The charges may vary in some cases.

Question 5: How can I know MrSool delivers albaik in my area?

Answer: If the AlBaik restaurant appears in the app after searching. It means the delivery is possible in your area.

First: Register on MrSool App

  • Download and install MrSool Mobile Application.
  • Select the language.
  • Signup account [ie, Facebook, Google, or Mobile Number] We suggest you signup through your mobile number.
  • Enter your mobile number, and enter the verification code sent by MrSool on the provided mobile number.
  • Read out the terms & conditions and click Agree to register.

Step by Step guide of how to order AlBaik from MrSool App

1st Step: Firstly, search AlBaik from the search bar above on MrSool application.

2nd Step: Secondly, If AlBaik icon comes in the results. It means MrSool app can deliver to your area. Now select the AlBaik icon from the search results.

3rd Step: Thirdly, AlBaik menu will popup in which items appear with the opening of the branch timings & the branch from which the order will deliver to your doorstep.

Order AlBaik Online

4th Step: Select the items you want to place an order & click place order at the bottom.

Order AlBaik Online

5th Step: Lastly, select the payment method and click Continue to place an order.

Order AlBaik Online

NOTE: During the curfew time only digital/credit card payments are allowed which means there will be no cash orders during the curfew time.

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