Saudization in 9 key sectors starts from August 2020

Saudization in 9 key sectors
Saudization in 9 key sectors

Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development made a decision to start Saudization in 9 key sectors starts from August 2020. These 9 key sectors are part of major economic activities in the Kingdom fo Saudi Arabia. The Minister Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi himself issued this decision to increase Saudization to 70 per cent in below sectors.

Saudization in 9 key sectors starts from August 2020

The 9 key sectors are part of Retail and Wholesale outlets which will be increased to 70% Saudization. These include Sales of Coffee, tea, honey, sugar and spices, water and beverages; fruits, vegetables and dates; selling grains, seeds, flowers, plants and agricultural materials; selling books, stationery and student services; gift and luxury stores, accessories, handicrafts and antiques; selling toys; selling meat, fish, eggs, dairy, vegetable oil; and detergent, plastic and soap (Source: Saudi Gazette, 2020).

The details of Saudization is also published on Ministry guidelines for the business owners and interested parties. The decision was taken to increase Saudization in the market and create more job opportunities for locals. There will be necessary measures to check the businesses who will and will not comply. This will also change the way sales and wholesale outlet use to work as many of these jobs were done by foreign employees in the past.

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