Saudi Arabia will start to export gas and petrochemicals

gas and petrochemicals export
gas and petrochemicals export

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is planning to start export gas and petrochemicals. The new exporting plan will increase the income for Saudi Arabia and diversify the country’s growth areas. More details below.

More details on Exporting Gas and Petrochemicals

The Energy minister Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman announced the news on 16th February 2020 (Sunday).

“Soon you will hear about the ability of the Kingdom to be a gas exporter and a petrochemical exporter,” Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman said in a televised speech at the inauguration of SABIC 2020 Conference in Jubail Al-Sinaia (Industrial City).

Saudi Gazette, 2020

The purpose of the expansion in developing the sources of energy is part of the Kingdom’s vision for 2030. Creating clean energy and become one of the leaders in the market is the ambition set by Saudi Arabia. A national program will be announced in a couple of months with a road map.

Saudi Aramco and SABIC will also participate in planning and road maps. With the latest technology and advancement in the field, Saudi Arabia may become the ambassador to improve climate challenges and waste management.

The Kingdom plans to produce 70% of its power from gas and 30% from renewable energy, the minister has previously stated.

Saudi Gazette, 2020
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