Umrah Second Phase Registration open and capacity increase to 75%

makkah riyadh xpress
makkah riyadh xpress

Umrah Second Phase Registration open and capacity increase to 75%. From 14th October 2020, registration began in the second phase of the gradual return of Umrah, which will receive citizens and residents for Umrah, visit and pray in the Grand Mosque and pray in the Prophet’s Mosque from within the Kingdom at 75% of the capacity to accommodate.

Umrah Second Phase Registration open and capacity increase to 75%

The registration will be allowed through Eatmarna app.

Next Sunday, the second phase for Saudi Arabia to complete the stages of returning to perform Umrah gradually in the Grand Mosque. Which is to allow the performance of Umrah, visitation and prayers for citizens and residents from inside Saudi Arabia.

After it was suspended last March, as part of the measures to contain the Coronavirus, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah recently announced 4 stages of Umrah, the first phase begins with an operational capacity of up to 30%, while the second phase will start on October 18 with 75% of the operational capacity. From November, Umrah and visits from inside and outside Saudi Arabia will gradually resume with an operational capacity of 100%, and the fourth stage will start once the virus is no longer a danger.

Hani Ali Al-Amiri, a member of the National Committee for Hajj and Umrah and a member of the Hotel Committee in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, told “The second phase begins next Sunday, and it is like the first phase for citizens and residents who entered Saudi Arabia only with permission to open prayer permits for worshipers in the Holy Haram. And visiting the Prophet’s Mosque.

Al Arabiya, 2020

Al-Amiri said: “The third stage of the stages of returning to perform Umrah is the major stage, which will be allowed to enter pilgrims abroad, which is expected by more than 531 Saudi companies and Umrah establishments licensed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, more than 6500 external Umrah agents, and millions of Muslims around the world. And 32 websites and global reservations platform are available for booking programs through them and online payment.


He stated: “There are more than 1,200 hotels that contain more than 270,000 hotel rooms with a high-quality classification, and according to international standards as well in Medina there are more than 75,000 hotel rooms, with more than 14,000 Saudi men and women working in them, and they will be during this stage with an operational rate. For the hotel, transportation and retail sector up to 70%, and an income rate of more than 10 billion Saudi riyals during this season.

He continued the conversation: “Until now, the third phase (external Umrah) has not been clear, as there is interest and follow-up on developments to provide the best service to the pilgrims, and to apply the best global health standards and protocols that characterized the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, and what we witnessed during the Hajj season last year in terms of the arrangement, organization and distinction in Crowd management. “

Al-Amiri concluded his statement by saying: “Waiting for the standards and requirements to be set by the Ministry of Health and the responsible authorities for the safety of those visiting the Holy Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, pointing out that the mechanism of transportation and transportation has been determined at a rate not exceeding 40% of the number of seats on the bus, as well as determining a housing mechanism. The pilgrims should not exceed two people in the room while taking all precautions, protocols and health protection.

Source; Haj Ministry and Al Arabiya, 2020

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