How to Extend Visit Visa after 270 Days

visit visa xpress riyadh
visit visa xpress riyadh

Extend Visit Visa after 270 Days

Extend Visit Visa – This blog is written to guide you on how to extend your visit visa after 180, 270, or 365 days. If your family/friends holding Saudi Arabia’s Visit Visa and currently inside the Kingdom & you are facing visa extension problems.

Saudia Airlines opened international flights for 20 destinations. The first thing is if you find a flight back to your country then it’s better to travel. If you are not convinced and want your family/friends to stay then you can try to apply for an extension online through Absher.

You will receive an error of “The visit visa cannot be extended because of the visit visa duration after an allowed period”. This error comes up because the Visa Sticker Stamped on your passport has an expiry date. And visa cannot be extended over that expiry date.

Follow these steps to make a request to Jawazat for an extension;

  • Login to your Absher Account (
  • Select > My service
  • Select > General Service
  • Lastly, Select > Message & document

You will see a dialog box to send messages & a drop-down list.

  • From the drop-down list, select > General Directorate of Passport.
  • Select > Service Name: Mashakil tasheerat (مشاکل تاشیرات).
  • Write the Subject > Extend family visit visa
  • Write the Message > Write in detail.

Message Sample: I am unable to renew my (Wife/Mother/Family) visit visa due to an error message (Border No)(Visa No)(Passport No) please extend the visa she cannot travel because no flights are available due to corona.

  • Note: Don’t use any special character Like (. * – @ _ = +\ )
  • Attach the following documents with the message;
    1) Passport Information Page copy (Both Sides).
    2) Stamped Visa Page Copy (Both Side).
    3) Screenshot of Error Message.
  • Note: Only pdf and png formats can be uploaded.

Note: You can send a request separate for every family member or Mention all members in a single request.

Request Message

After submitting a request wait within 1 day up to a maximum of 3 working days for a reply.

Note: In case you don’t get any reply, you must visit jawazat only 1 day before expiry with the following documents:

  • Visitor original passport & Copy (Front + Visa Page)
  • Jawazat appointment letter. (Most important)
  • Insurance slip or proof.
  • Visa extension fee slip (100 SAR).
  • Extension Error Print
  • Visa Extension form (تمدیدتاشیرہ الزیارہ) You can download or take a print from jawazat office.

Note: There is a penalty of 500SAR if the visit visa is expired.

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