Saudi Arabia announced 364 new Coronavirus cases – Total 3,651

saudi arabia cases riyadh xpress
saudi arabia cases riyadh xpress

364 new Coronavirus cases

Saudi Arabia announced 364 new Coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours. Ministry of Health announced new cases of coronavirus. The total number of cases is now 3,651 as of 10th April 2020 [03:35 PM]. Riyadh has the most number of total cases 1030, following with Makkah 721 and Jeddah 531. More details below.

The news has been published on the Saudi Ministry of Health official Coronavirus Dashboard. Click here to see the live update

As of 10th April 2020 [03:35 PM], the total number of cases is now 3,651.

  • Total Recoveries: 685 [19 NEW RECOVERIES]
  • Death: 47 [3 NEW DEATHS]
  • Active Cases: 2,919

Saudi Arabia announced new Coronavirus cases – Total 3,651

  • Makkah: 90
  • Madinah: 78
  • Riyadh: 69
  • Jeddah: 54
  • Tabuk: 22
  • Qatif: 12
  • Bureydah: 09
  • Dammam: 06
  • Hofuf: 05
  • Taif: 04
  • Kharj: 03
  • Dhahran: 02
  • Qunfudah: 02
  • Yanbu: 02
  • Jubail: 01
  • Khulais: 01
  • Dirriyah: 01
  • Ras Tanurah: 01
  • Henakiyah: 01
  • Arar: 01

Stay Home Stay Safe

  • Curfew for 24 hours but you can leave for essential items between 6 AM to 3 PM only if its urgent. So stay home and safe.
  • Remember these are not holidays and think about yourself, people around you and our future.
  • Staying at home can be very boring if you don’t have anything to do, we have made a list of things to do here.
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