Never Seen Makkah this empty – Pictures

never seen Makkah this empty
never seen Makkah this empty

Nobody has ever imagined or never seen Makkah this empty for a long time. No matter in pictures, live video or real, the holy city was always full of people. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus, Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended the entry of Residents and all other visitors outside the Kingdom. More details and pictures below.

Never Seen Makkah this empty

People around the world are sad because of the current temporary suspension. The temporary suspension decision was taken to take extra measures and control the spread of Coronavirus. The below pictures are one of the most shocking pictures for the Muslim World where no one expected this.

Makkah Empty 3
Makkah Empty
Makkah Empty 2

The decision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was welcomed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as it will control the current situation of Coronavirus. We hope this place will be open to pilgrims very soon and filled with a lot more people In Sha Allah.

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