Umrah reopening first phase measures – This is what you need to follow

Hajj Makkah
Hajj Makkah

Umrah reopening first phase measures announced by the competent authorities. This is what you need to follow and expect if you are planning to visit Makkah for Umrah.

Umrah reopening first phase measures

The operational plan for the Umrah season In its first stage includes:

  • Posting and identifying tracks at the entrances and exits of the Grand Mosque in Makkah.
  • Preparing sites to utilize energy Capacity for the expansion project.
  • Availability of educational publications and films via barcodes and screens.
  • Developing the spatial counseling system in several languages.
  • Washing Masjid Al-Haram (10) times daily.
  • Sterilization of air-conditioning systems with ultraviolet rays.
  • Sterilization of carpets and escalators. And change the rules of used containers and cups on a go.
  • In the first stage: Banning food and drinks.
  • Measuring temperatures with thermal cameras located at all entrances
  • Preventing i’tikaaf and sleeping or staying in the Mosque.
  • Arrange rows spaced to prevent close proximity to reduce the chances of infection.
  • The entry of pilgrims from Babi Ajyad And King Fahd. 100 pilgrims for each region within the King Fahd Expansion.
  • Assembling in Al Mataf at a rate of 100 people for each regiment on two tracks.
  • And Direct pilgrims to the specified exits to return to the starting point after completion of Umrah.
  • Circumambulation on two tracks only at a rate of 100 people every 15 minutes for seven rounds.
  • 400 groups per hour for the seven rounds.
  • 6000 groups in the 15 hours allocated for circumambulation per day.
  • The possibility of increasing the third track at a rate of 150 people every 15 minutes for the seven rounds.

Source: Makkah Region

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