Saudi Arabia’s first infected patient and border control update – Coronavirus

infected patient Saudi Arabia
infected patient Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia held a press conference on 3rd March 2020 regarding Saudi Arabia’s first infected patient and border control update. These updates are after the first person who got infected and quarantined. Full details below.

Saudi Arabia’s first infected patient

The first infected person is now in quarantine along with many others as part of the precautionary measure to prevent any outbreak. The person who got infected came from Iran but via Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. Full details of the infected person new can be found here. The person is now in stable condition as per the health ministry and being monitored.

Border Control Update – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Araba is also taking extra precautionary measures on their border entry points. There will be extra monitoring for people who are coming from countries affected.

Riyadh Xpress

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