Ministry of Health new updates on the current situation – 13th April 2020

Ministry of Health new updates on the current situation - 13th April 2020

Ministry of Health new updates on the current situation – 13th April 2020. The Ministry is working day and night to support the ministries and people of Saudi Arabia in these challenging times. The important points of the current situation are mentioned below.

Ministry of Health new updates on the current situation – 13th April 2020

Here are the important points from the official published statements. The Statement or letter in Arabic can be seen below but here is what is mentioned.

  • The conference started by the Minister of Health, and he extends his thanks and gratitude to the Custodian of Two Holy Mosques. He thanked the King for his continuous support in the fight against Coronavirus in the Kingdom. The Minister also thanks Crown prince and other government sectors in support.
  • He also mentioned about the financial contributions which are reached nearly one billion riyals. These contributions are made by companies and individuals to contribute to the Coronavirus fund.
  • The Saudi Health Ministry is working on the best practices and treatment protocols. These practices are used to achieve the best treatments and accelerate the healing process for infected.
  • There is no vaccine available yet but there are studies and researches carried on.
  • The number of increases in infected individuals shows the scale of challenges and difficult tasks. Everyone has to commit to this challenge and stay at home for their own safety and others. There is an increase of infection in the housing of workers and the Ministry has asked the supervisors and companies to apply maximum precautions. Municipalities Minister is leading a committee to make sure precautions are in action for the worker’s housing.
  • The Minister has also urged people in crowded neighborhoods to stay at home and implement precautions.
  • Health Practitioners, security personnel, and all government sectors work with each other and with high dedication.
Ministry of Health, 2020
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