Coronavirus Testing – This is what you should do in Saudi Arabia

Coronavirus Testing
Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus Testing – This is what you should do in Saudi Arabia. If you think you have any symptoms of Coronavirus or COVID19, the health ministries are asking people to call ahead. The virus should not be left for a later stage as it will harm the infected and people around them. Below are the details.

Where to call for CORONAVIRUS Testing?

The Saudi Ministry of Health asked people who have travelled to an area with Coronavirus outbreak to stay home and don’t go in crowds. They should also call 937 for a checkup or any query.

“We urge those who have been in areas or countries where the virus is highly spread, and failed to report their previous visits, to contact 937, so we can help protect them, their families, and the community,” said the ministry spokesman Dr. Mohammed al-Abd al-Aly. He added that 2,200 hospital beds had been dedicated for quarantine cases. 

Al Arabiya English, 2020

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has already taken extra measures in case of major COVID 19 outbreak. There are 1,400 respiratory isolation rooms for patients and 25 hospitals around the Kingdom.

Symptoms of COVID19? CORONAVIRUS Testing

Have symptoms such as fever or lower respiratory symptoms (cough or shortness of breath) and have had “close contact” with a confirmed coronavirus patient within 14 days of their first symptoms.

lower respiratory symptoms and fever , require hospitalization, and have travelled to areas impacted by the epidemic in the last 14 days.

fever and severe acute lower respiratory symptoms and require hospitalization and for whom no other diagnosis has been found — such as the flu. No travel or contact exposure is needed.

Source: Al Arabiya English, 2020
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