GACA urged citizens and residents to disclose if they travelled to Iran


GACA urged citizens and residents to disclose if they travelled to Iran in the last 14 days. This is due to the reason for the increase in numbers of Coronavirus in Iran. And the cases of Saudi Arabia also came from Iran via transit flights. Mode Details below.

GACA urged citizens and residents to disclose if they travelled to Iran

Saudi Arabi’s Civil Aviation Authority known as GACA. GACA urged citizens and residents to disclose the travel history if they travelled to Iran. The condition is applied to anyone who travelled within the last 14 days to Iran. This can be done by calling 937 inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And +966920005937 if the individual is in abroad.

Saudi Arabia also mentioned that Iran didn’t stamp the passports of Saudi Citizens who arrived in the country. Saudi Arabia said it was irresponsible actions by Iran and it is one of the reasons of COVID19 spread. The Airport Immigration was unable to identify because of no stamp. One of the travellers also failed to inform the authority about travel to Iran.

The number of Coronavirus cases surpassed 100,000 today which is alarming globally. Saudi Arabia has seen 5 cases in total but 70+ people quarantined so far and 51 came out negative from those numbers.

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