Ministry of Health updated on the 70 people quarantined – Coronavirus Update

70 people quarantined
70 people quarantined

Ministry of Health updated on 4th March 2020 on the 70 people quarantined. Finally some good news after all the fears of the Coronavirus outbreak in many countries. Saudi Arabia is still one of the lucky countries to have minimal impact on the deadly virus. More Details below.

Ministry of Health updated on the 70 people quarantined

Minister of Health Dr Tawfiq Al-Rabiah announced during the press conference that 51 out of 70 people Coronavirus tests came out negative. This means the 70 people who made contact with the first infected person are not infected. The other 19 are still waiting for the results but the infected person is also in stable condition.

“The Kingdom, represented by the Ministry of Health, is committed to have full transparency and will make public any data about any new infection cases,” he added.

Saudi Gazette, 2020

However, there is now a temporary restriction on visiting Makkah and Madinah for people living in Saudi Arabia. Full update here.

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  1. […] surpassed 100,000 today which is alarming globally. Saudi Arabia has seen 5 cases in total but 70+ people quarantined so far and 51 came out negative from those […]

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