7 Famous Drinks in Saudi Arabia

7 top famous drinks xpress riyadhH
7 top famous drinks xpress riyadhH

7 Famous Drinks in Saudi Arabia

7 Famous Drinks in Saudi Arabia. KSA is known to be food heaven and all citizens of Saudi Arabia enjoy the variety available in the country. There are some non-alcoholic drinks that are special in Saudi Arabia and you can’t get them in other countries. We have made a list of cold drinks which you must try when you are living in Saudi Arabia.

  • Mirinda Citrus (Hamdiyat)
  • Saudi Champagne
  • Shaani
  • Sun Top & Sun Cola
  • Barbican
  • Lemontia
  • Rani Pulp Drinks

Mirinda Citrus ( Hamdiyat)

The King of all drinks available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is Mirinda Citrus (also known as Hamdiyat) is one NUMBER in the list of 7 famous drinks in Saudi Arabia. The drink is not widely available in other countries but the Mountain Dew can be a close competitor but people who tasted the drink never get mountain dew again.

Saudi Champagne

The Saudi Champagne is a Non-Alcoholic Famous Drink in Saudi Arabia which is made by Apple Juice, Apple, Oranges, Mint springs, Lemon, Lemonade, 7up & ice cubes. Saudi Champagne is very famous and most of the restaurants have it on their menu cards.


A drink made by Pepsi Co but it is only available in the Middle East and it used to be a main competitor of Vimto. It is still available in some of the stores but not widely available. The cost of the can is the same as other drinks like Pepsi, Coca-Cola or 7up.

Sun Top/ Sun Cola

People who watched MBC and National Channels have seen the funny advertisements of Sun-Top and Sun-Cola. It uses to be the most famous drink in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the target market focuses on Children mostly but many Adults enjoyed the drink over the year.


Barbican is only available in the Middle East and North America region but many other countries import this drink. The drink is a non-alcoholic Malt drink but 0% alcohol. The drink is also available in several flavors such as Peach, Raspberry, Grape, Pineapple, Mango & Passion Fruit, Lemon, and Pineapple.


A fizzy drink made with lemons which you never had before and you will never get anywhere else in the world.

Rani Pulp Drinks

Rani is a fruit-based beverage brand mainly available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The drinks are available in different flavors but mostly mango and orange flavors are famous. The drink is available in the tin as well as glasses.

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