How to Check your Company’s Nitaqat Status

nitaqar xpress riyadh 1
nitaqar xpress riyadh 1

What is Company’s Nitaqat Status?

In 2011, the Nitaqat Status Color System presented in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It supports the Saudi Citizens employment in the private sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Company’s Nitaqat Color System associations into six classifications:

  • Platinum
  • Green
  • High Green
  • Medium Green
  • Low Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

The Color status of Company’s Nitaqat depends on the volume of the company & the percentage of the Saudi workers to Expat workers in the organization or company.


Company’s Nitaqat Status can also checked online through Ministry of Labor website. Similarly, your Nitaqat Status shows the results according to the categories mentioned above. The status shows the level of Company’s Saudization.


In order to check the Status of Company’s Nitaqat you required any one of the following numbers;

  • Iqama Number
  • Passport Number
  • Border Number

Steps to Check Company’s Nitaqat Status

  1. Firstly, visit the Ministry of Labor Website: Click Here
  2. Secondly, Enter your Iqama Number or Passport Number or Border Number. (Any of one)
  3. Thirdly, Select your Nationality on the Second Option Box.
  4. Then, put the 5 Digits Code on the Human Verification Box
  5. Lastly, Click the Button (Search) or (بحث).

In the next window, you will get the following details:

  • Your Iqama’s Full Name.
  • The Work Permit Number.
  • You’re Employment Status (Currently working or absent from work).
  • The Company’s Nitaqat Color Status (Platinum, Green, Yellow or Red).
  • Company’s Legal Status.

Click on Page 2 for the Details of the Company’s Color Status if its Red


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