Earthquake in Pakistan shakes Jhelum – 5.8 Magnitude

pk eq xpress riyadh
pk eq xpress riyadh

Earthquake in Pakistan

Massive Earthquake hits Pakistan’s city Jhelum. Earthquake in Pakistan.

  • Time & Date: Tuesday, 24 September 2019 11:01 UTC
  • Magnitude: 5.8
  • Depth: 10.0 km
  • Epicenter latitude / longitude: 33.04°N / 73.8°E
  • Nearest volcano: Dacht-i-Navar (555 km)
  • Primary data source: GFZ
  • Estimated released energy: 4.5*10^13 J (12.4 GWh / 10676 tons of TNT / 0.7 atomic bombs equivalent)

Earthquake in Pakistan

What does Eqarthquake feels like?

This is exceptionally fundamental data, however, the fact of the matter is that the contrast between a gentle and moderate quake is very generous.

Tremors come in numerous structures. There’s the abrupt, shocking kind that makes you think something has hit your home. There’s the shaking kind that makes you feel like the ground is shaking.

What to do after Earthquake

  • Anticipate post-quake tremors hours, days, or weeks after the primary shake. Consequential convulsions can cause building harm and falling flotsam and jetsam that could harm you.
  • Avoid open blazes in harmed structures. An earthquake can harm gas lines, so don’t utilize lighters or matches. If you live close to the coast, avoid the shoreline.
  • Tremors can cause perilous torrents and flooding. Drive cautiously and plan elective courses.
  • Structural harm and traffic light blackouts may make it hard to get to your goal.

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