4 Amazing Parks in Riyadh You Must Visit

parks in riyadh xpress
parks in riyadh xpress

4 Amazing Parks in Riyadh

Riyadh is on a desert plateau in the country’s center & the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the famous cities for skyscrapers. Business district landmarks include the Kingdom Tower which is 302m-high, with a sky bridge connecting 2 towers, and Al Faisaliah Centre which is 267m-high, with a glass-globe summit.

Riyadh has a lot to offer from traditional food to wide and beautiful architectural roads to the beauty of football stadiums to the multinational people.

  1. Nahda Park
  2. King Abdullah Park
  3. New King Salman Park
  4. Salam Park

Nahda Park

Nahda Park of Riyadh is the longest park in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Located in the heart of Nahdah District, Malaz. The best place for families and friends.

  • Location: Click Here
  • Sports: Basketball Court & Football Court
  • Walking Track: 5KM
  • Kids: Different types of rides.
  • BBQ Area: NIL
  • Opening Hours: 24HOURS

King Abdullah Park


Extended more than 318,000 square meters, the King Abdullah Malaz Park (KAMP) is the biggest park in Riyadh. Situated in the Al-Malaz close to Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium, the recreation center actually is a much-needed refresher!

A 12-meter-wide walking pathway folds over the park. There are play areas, sports regions, extraordinary concealed zones, and a huge café inside the park. The children will particularly have a fabulous time going around the open square neglecting the lake, which highlights the recreation park’s fundamental fascination with the water fountains.

Little seats are spread around the entire park yet you are free to sit and appreciate an easygoing outing any place you like. Extra offices incorporate an occasion focus, VIP building, and the recreation center exploratory.

  • Location: Click Here
  • Entrance Fees: (Adult = 10SAR)(Kids = 5SAR)
  • Entertainment: Dancing Water Fountain.
  • Walking Track: 12-meter-wide walking track.
  • Parking: Available
  • BBQ: Not Allowed
  • Family Friendly: YES
  • Opening Hours: 1PM till 12AM

New King Salman Park


One of its kind, King Salman Park in Riyadh covers 13.3 sq. km on the grounds of the old airport in the city center. It will be the largest urban park in the entire world once completed.

The designer of this beautiful urban park, Omrania, won the international competition for this amazing landscape in Riyadh which covers cultural, recreational, sports amenities & ecological. The New King Salman Park is one of the projects of vision 2030 goals. The multibillion project was initiated by the Saudi Government to make Riyadh attractive to the tourists and more livable for the residents.

  • Location: Click Here
  • Total area: Site 13,300,000 sqm
  • Entrance Fees: Not Announced
  • Family Friendly: YES
  • Construction value SR 72,000,000,000
  • Status: Design Development
  • Year of Completion: 2024

Salam Park


With over 800 thousand visitors each year, Salam Park is on our 4 amazing parks in Riyadh list. The project was also designed by Omrania. Salam Park was the first lake park in Riyadh with several other activity areas. It is located in the most crowded areas of Riyadh.

  • Location: Click Here
  • Entrance Fees: 5.25SAR + VAT / Person
  • Activities: Boating, Surfing, and Rope Dropping.
  • Walking Track: 8KM
  • Kids: Different types of rides & playing areas.
  • BBQ Area: Nil
  • Family Friendly: YES
  • Opening Hours: 3 PM-12 AM

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