Top 10 Health and Fitness apps in Saudi Arabia – 2020

Top 10 Health and Fitness apps in Saudi Arabia 2020
Top 10 Health and Fitness apps in Saudi Arabia 2020

Health and Fitness category in apps is one of the key areas in the world today. People are scared but mostly bored which has increased the use of apps and internet usage massively. But Health and Fitness is also an important category where Ministries are also taking part to help the country’s health sector. Here is the list of top 10 Health and Fitness apps in Saudi Arabia.

Top 10 Health and Fitness apps in Saudi Arabia – 2020

Some apps on the list are new or trending currently due to the virus outbreak globally. But these apps are really important for your well-being during curfew or lockdown. Excercise, Pharmacy and self-isolation apps will help people to get through these times.

10 – Height Increase – Increase Height Workout, Taller 

9 – Optical illusion Hypnosis

8 – Lose Weight in 30 Days 

7 – Six Pack in 30 Days – Abs Workout

6 – Lose Weight App for Men – Weight Loss in 30 Days 

5 – Lose Weight App for Women – Workout at Home

4 – Tameni – App by Saudi FDA

3 – Home Workout – No Equipment 

2 – Nahdi

1 – Mawid (موعد)‎ Click here to read more about an app by Ministry of Health and your coronavirus advisor.

These apps will help everyone stay healthy, order medicines and find out helpful information about health.

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