Saudi Community Behaviour change during COVID-19: Lockdown Trends

Saudi Community behaviour change lockdown trends
Saudi Community behaviour change lockdown trends

Saudi Community Behaviour change during COVID-19 has also shown an impact similar to other countries. The lockdown or curfew has changed the way we lived our lives in the past. The report shows the actual data published by Google and Apple to show where people are and change in mobility trends over time. Below are detailed reports.

Saudi Community Behaviour change during COVID-19: Lockdown Trends

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has seen a change in the way people use to shop, stay at home, going to parks, and daily routine. The reports below show the time period of phase 1 and phase 2 of lockdown in the country.

The first report is taken from Apple Mobility Trends. This shows how people are driving or walking, people who ask for directions, or using Apple maps. As you can see in the map below, the graph for walking or driving is again moving towards upward trends. It shows that people are getting back on roads or some kind of normal routine.

Apple Mobility Trends – 19th June 2020

Google Trends below use similar kinds of data but more detailed and region wise. The general trend around the Kingdom shows that people are returning to workplaces, this is compared to the residential areas which have seen a slight decline but still, people are staying home more than usual. Mostly change has been noticed for grocery and pharmacies which shows people have started shopping.

In the graph, you can see regions like Makkah where the restrictions are still strict compare to other regions. People are staying at home more because of the current situation. In some regions, people have started going out more than others.

Let’s see how phase 3 will bring change to these trends.

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