Saudi Arabia Curfew – Workers and business exempt from lockdown

Saudi Arabia Curfew Workers and business exempt from lockdown
Saudi Arabia Curfew Workers and business exempt from lockdown

Saudi Arabia Curfew – Important and frequently asked questions have been answered here. This includes a list of major cities of Saudi Arabia that are on 24-hour lockdown. It also includes businesses and workers who are exempt or comes under essential services.

Saudi Arabia Curfew – Cities 24-hours and partial lockdown

The 24 Hours lockdown has been announced in Saudi Arabia for Riyadh, Tabuk, Dammam, Dhahran, Hofuf, Jeddah, Taif, Qatif and Khobar. Madinah and Makkah were the first two cities that were lockdown by the government.

Other governates and cities are on partial curfew where people are allowed to go out from 6 am – 3 pm.

Essential Services and workers exempt from curfew or lockdown

The Essential Services

Essential services such as Medical Facilities, Grocery stores, Pharmacies, and some other essential daily services are exempt from the curfew. This is to make sure that people get essentials.

People are allowed to buy essentials from 6 am – 3 pm. But the distance should be only near to their house or residential area. People must avoid unnecessary travel. Here’s the portal created by Riyadh – Amanat Al Riyadh.

  • Food delivery services are also allowed until 10 pm.
  • Dining or opening restaurant sitting area, not allowed.
  • Farming, agricultural services, and Water services which also come under essential services allowed.
  • But the permit is mandatory from the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture.

Lastly, some volunteers and charitable societies are exempt from curfew.

Workers or staff exemption

Essential workers such as Medical Staff, Security, and authorized media personnel exempted. However, paperwork is helpful to minimize any issues. So, make sure the identification and paperwork offered by employers are available.

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