The First Electric Vehicle Charging Station in Saudi Arabia


Electric Vehicle Charging Station Location in Riyadh

The most awaiting news of 2019. ABB put its first electric vehicle charging station in Riyadh at SASCO petrol station on the outskirts of Riyadh.

An Electric Vehicle Charging Station, likewise Called

  1. Electrical Vehicle Charging Station.
  2. Electric Energizing Point.
  3. Charging Point.
  4. Charge Point.
  5. Electronic Charging Station.
  6. Electrical Vehicle Supply Gear.

American energy & automotive company Tesla Inc is specialized in making electric cars. Manufactured the cars through its solar panel manufacturing & SolarCity subsidiary.

Besides, the UK the quite famous and reliable electric cars are also in the United States of America and Europe.

M. Salman Hamid Interview

In the interview with M Salman Hamid, former System Analyst in United Motors Company (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) KSA. He is currently the Development of Director at GMP Drivercare in the United Kingdom.

He said electric vehicles are already famous in the United Kingdom when it comes in economy, comfort, and autonomous driving. In my previous driving experience with electric cars. Meanwhile, I traveled around 350 miles and charged for only £6.47. Approx, SAR 29.44.

However, the travel was almost the same as Riyadh to Dammam round trip. You can imagine it is a good replacement for fuel. However, Saudi Arabia will be having a taste of it soon which will reduce the queues at fuel stations.

These vehicles can be charged at home during the night & usually in many countries the electricity is charged less at night. The infrastructure is still not enough in the KSA to meet the demand but it will be surely hitting the roads soon.

Location: Sasco, King Salman Road by ABB.

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