Paid Leave in Saudi Arabia

Paid Leave in Saudi Arabia – In this article, we will discuss the leaves you are applicable in Saudi Arabia. The leave from these following days and public holidays such as Saudi National Day, Eid ul Fitr, Eid ul Adha are paid off-days. & if by some reason company forced to give no off the workers are entitled to work on 50% plus wages or can demand compensatory off day.

Medical Leave

  • The initial 30 days with the full wage.
  • The following 60 days with 3/fourth of the pay.
  • The accompanying 30 days in a solitary year will be without wages.

Paternity Leave

  • 3 days of official leave on a child’s birth.

Annual Leave

  • 21 days, if the employee has finished one year of services.
  • 30 days following 5 years of continuous services with the same company.

Maternity Leave

  • 10 weeks, a month prior to the expected date of delivery.
  • A month and a half after the movement, extendable by one month without remuneration.
  • Leave pay reasonable is a huge bit of the remuneration, at whatever point gave the business for one year.
  • Full pay if the organization is for quite a while or more.

Death of Spouse or Children

  • The off-days of 5 will be permitted.
  • A female representative, in case of the demise of her significant other, is qualified for 15-130 days leave contingent upon her religion.


  • Paid leave of 10-15 days once during the organization is allowed to perform Haj for an employee who has heretofore not performed Haj, in the wake of completing two years of the organization.

Public Holidays

Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha & Saudi National Day are fully paid holidays & if the workers required to work, they are entitled to overtime.


Bosses need to hold up under the airfare of laborers from their nation of origin to Saudi Arabia. To join work and for their arrival after the culmination of the agreement time frame. In any case, the expense of the air ticket must be borne by the laborer if his agreement finished during the probation period. He Requires a medicinal test or fired his work for his very own deficiency.

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