PISK arranged a Second Online Seminar on Career Counselling

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PISK arranged a Second Online Seminar on Career Counselling

Sana Bashir, Al-Khobar – After class 12th, the students have to decide a stream out of

  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Science
  • Commerce

The only career guidance they get is from their parents, friends, and neighbors. In order to satisfy the question of “what next’ that many students face after class 12th. Pakistan International School organized Two Seminars this month.

PISK arranged a Second Online Seminar on Career Counselling

In the First Seminar held on 12th June 2020, students were given the best career advice in the fields of Medical, Dentistry, and Engineering. In the Second Seminar held on 19th June 2020, the students were exposed to the modern career options in the fields of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Commerce, and Health Safety and Environment.

The seminar started with the recitation from the Holy Quran by Hafiz Nafees-ur-Rehman, a Teacher of the school.

Ajmal Jamil Mian (Principal)

Mr. Ajmal Jamil Mian (The Principal of the School) opened the event and gave a brief introduction of this seminar. He said this event has been organized to guide the students and their parents on all important topics related to stable and right career choices in the fields of Computer Science and Engineering, Commerce, and in Safety, Health Safety and Environment.

Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman – VC

Dr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, said that it is not easy to evaluate the immeasurable human capacities. Every student has distinctive characteristics and has his own strengths and weakness. This seminar will help the students choose the right and reliable career options that best match their capabilities and personal interests.

Talks were given by the three resource persons namely Prof. Dr. Nazar Abbas, Hafiz Yasir Munir, and Syed Ansar Shah. They are eminent scholars in the disciplines of Computer Science & Engineering, Commerce, and Health Safety and Environment respectively and have plenty of experience in these disciplines. They hold celebrated positions in their respective fields.

The learned scholars educated the parents and students about how they should choose a career stream that is in tune with their potential and ability, and their job expectations. The students need to assess their own abilities and strengths including academic strengths and personal qualities before they make a choice for a particular career path. Those who choose the right career path ultimately succeed and enjoy their career.

Prof Dr. Nazar Abbas

Prof. Dr. Nazar Abbas gave an overview of the careers in Computer Science and Engineering. The graduates of this discipline find rewarding prospects in a variety of situations in academia, research, industry, and in other public and private business organizations. The discipline of Computer Science and Engineering is the fastest-growing segment of academia and industry.

The areas under this discipline include computer design and engineering, artificial intelligence computer architecture, information technology, software engineering, software applications, operating systems and networks, etc. He informed the students about the universities in Pakistan offering programs in the said areas.

Hafiz Yasir Munir

Hafiz Yasir Munir enlightened the students about the highly worthwhile, gratifying and demanding career prospects in Commerce. Commerce graduates find good job prospects in marketing & sales, banks, insurance companies, audit firms, and in many industrial and commercial concerns. The jobs open to commerce graduates are not only gratifying in terms of money earned, they also groom them, and prepare them for highly respectable career positions in public and private sector organization. The concept of Commerce Education consists of a variety of interdisciplinary programs including Accountancy, Marketing, Business Administration, E-commerce, Finance, and Economics. The economy of Pakistan is growing and the need of the talented professionals in various fields of commerce education who contribute towards the growth of the economy is correspondingly increasing.

Syed Ansar Shah – BOD

Syed Ansar Shah, a member, Board of Directors, Pakistan International School, Al-Khobar, and a Senior Executive in the field of Health Safety and Environment, exposed the students to several safety-related positions in the safety career path. Job satisfaction and salary in the safety field is generally high. Syed Ansar Shah gave a concise summary of the most common careers in Occupational Safety, Environment and Health-Related fields. The positions include Health and Safety Technicians, Officers, Managers, Specialists, Trainers, and Consultants etc. Graduates in the discipline of Health, Safety and Environment get jobs in oil & gas, construction, educational institutions, and health-care organizations. Syed Ansar Shah informed the students about the institutions where the students can get admission in the programs related to HSE.

The presentations were followed by a question/answer session. The students and their parents were encouraged to ask questions. The learned speakers answered the questions of the students in detail helping them choose streams which best suit their capabilities and interests and thus making it easier for them to grow and build successful careers.

Abdul Rehman – Chairman

Mr. Abdul Rehman, the Chairman, Board of Directors, concluded the seminar. He advised the students to refine their search for the right career paths keeping in sight their aptitude and ability.

Further, he proceeded by stressing that students should choose career options that match their abilities and aptitudes. Likewise, he noted that this seminar was very interactive and worthwhile. It will help the students know in depth what it takes to get into the right career path and move in the right direction to ultimately succeed and enjoy a career.

In addition, he appreciated the abundant effort that Dr. Shfafiq-ur-Rehman and Mr. Ajmal Jamil Mian had employed for the successful organization of this useful seminar.

In conclusion, He expressed his heartfelt thankfulness to the respected speakers who had spared some of their valuable time to contribute to this project of community service. Their advice to the students will certainly help them make informed decisions about the selection of their career path and succeed in life. Lastly, he prayed to Allah SWT for the absolute well being of the school, its students, and its faculty and administration.

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