Pilgrims need to adhere to two things in order to enter the Haramain

2050 violations recorded by general security during Hajj season
2050 violations recorded by general security during Hajj season

Pilgrims – Haramain

General Security called on all citizens and residents who obtained a permit to perform Umrah or pray at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah through the Eatmarna application of Umrah need to adhere to two things. Details below. [Pilgrims Haramain]

Precautionary & Preventive Measures

Pilgrims need to adhere to precautionary measures and preventive measures, in order to allow entry to the Holy Capital. That is through the security control centers of the Special Forces for Road Security.

Pilgrims – Haramain

The Special Forces for Road Security had previously indicated that no person who intends for Umrah will be allowed to pass without a permit. And, it will be confirmed that it matches the Eatmarna application and his identity. Pilgrims who have the permit will not be allowed to enter outside the allocated time of the permit.

Pilgrims - Haramain

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