Passengers arriving in the Kingdom are no longer required institutional or home quarantine

Ministry of Health explained Home Quarantine Procedures

Institutional or home quarantine

  • Passengers arriving in the Kingdom are no longer required to abide by institutional or home quarantine to combat the pandemic.

An Interior Ministry official source said that based on the follow-up to the epidemiological situation of the Coronavirus, the competent health authorities’ feedback, and the progress that has been achieved in combating the pandemic, and the unlimited support of the leadership, and the effective national efforts from all sides, and the progress in the national vaccination program and the high rates of immunization and immunity against the virus in the community.


Passengers arriving in the Kingdom are no longer required to abide by institutional or home quarantine to combat the Covid19 pandemic.

Saudi Press Agency

The official source stressed the importance of the implementation of the national immunization plan, which includes taking the (third) booster dose, and applying procedures to verify the health status in the “Tawakkalna” application to enter facilities, activities, events, boarding planes, and public transportation, adding that the measures taken above are subject to continuous evaluation by the competent health authorities in the Kingdom and as per to the developments in the epidemiological situation.

Saudi Press Agency – precautionary and preventive measures


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PCR tests, Rapid Antigen Test are no longer required by passengers arriving in the Kingdom

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