Passenger Guide issued by GACA – Here is all that you need to know

passangers indemnities
passangers indemnities

Passenger Guide issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Saudi Arabia. The new normal or measures on air travel will be implemented and here is all that you need to know. The official guide is also attached at the end of this page in case you want to download or print to read in detail.

Passenger Guide issued by GACA

The contents of the guide released by GACA focuses on preventive measures upon departure and arrival mainly. But it also mentions two other key areas which include information about airports & civil aviation workforce and Passenger’s obligations.

Departure Measures

  • Only travelers allowed to enter the airport but an exception for people accompanying the elderly or people with disabilities.
  • Passengers attend 2 hours before the take-off time.
  • Electronic bookings only allowed and booking offices at the airport closed.
  • Thermal checks at airports.
  • Wear Face Mask before entering the airport.
  • Traveling without face masks forbidden.
  • Social distancing and 2 meters applied everywhere in the airport including cafes, seating, and waiting areas.
  • Cash payments reduced/avoid and encourage e-payments.

Arrival Measures

  • Maintain social distancing and a gradual passenger getting off from the plane.
  • only 50% capacity allowed.
  • Face masks or other covers mandatory.
  • Stand on the preventive measures when waiting for the baggage claim.
  • Dispose of any gloves and masks in the trash can at the airport when exiting terminals.
  • Carts must be placed in the disinfection area.
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