New rules announced by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs

New rules announced by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs
New rules announced by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs

New rules announced regarding the trade of specific products and ownership by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs. These new rules are created to provide a better living environment for people and also safeguard the Environments. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has played an active role in the past when it comes to preservation and of nature. However, this update makes sure that following particular standards is mandatory.

New rules announced by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs

The new environmental system stipulates that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs should consider obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Environment before establishing urban plans in any of the forest lands, rangelands, and national or wild parks.

  • Any person before undertaking or exploiting sand, gravel, rocks or clay must obtain a permit.
  • Producing local firewood or charcoal, transferring, storing, selling or promoting firewood prohibited without obtaining a permit or license.
  • Preventing the ignition of fire inside the land of vegetation in places other than those designated for that and determined by the competent authority.
  • Preventing the waste from being left inside, burying, burning or throwing it in places other than the places designated for it specified by the competent authority.
  • It is prohibited to cut trees, shrubs, herbs, or plants, or uproot, move, strip them from their bark, leaves, or any part thereof, or transfer their soil, shovel, or trade-in them.
  • It is not permissible to own forest lands, rangelands, national parks, land or geological parks in any way that transfers property.
  • Preventing the disposal of wastewater or any of the treated liquid ingredients, or draining or injecting them into underground wells or any environmental medium without obtaining a permit.
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