New details of health protocols for Hajj this year

New details of health protocols for Hajj
New details of health protocols for Hajj

New details of health protocols for Hajj this year – 2020. Sources revealed that the concerned authorities have confirmed a number of precautionary measures within the health protocols for the Hajj season 1441 AH, which were announced on the fifth of July, by adding important details within the preventive controls and measures to perform the pilgrimage rituals, including the medical quarantine for pilgrims before entering Makkah Al-Mukarramah, And the preparation of a gathering center for pilgrims in Mecca with an area of ​​6000 square meters, in addition to adopting a distance of two meters between each pilgrim to another throughout the period of the pilgrimage.

New details of health protocols for Hajj this year

The procedures also stressed the division of pilgrims into separate groups, in numbers not exceeding 20 people. An accompanying guide for each group and 40 buses with a capacity of 49 passengers allocated to transport only 22 passengers at one time. With the same bus allocated to the same group throughout the stages of performing Hajj rituals, as well as the seat for the same pilgrim throughout the same period.

The same sources reported that preparing specific sterile paths in the end and the endeavor. While achieving a distance of two meters between pilgrims. And allocating Mina towers to receive pilgrims this year, and each pilgrim will be housed in an independent space of not less than 9 meters in Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah. And distributing bags of stones Packaged and sterilized for pilgrims, and the subsistence of pilgrims is limited to pre-prepared meals, and coated by a certified contractor with single-use plastic tools.

It was also working to issue a smart card for every pilgrim who specializes in managing and organizing the pilgrim’s trip, and a bag for each pilgrim that contains sterilizers, masks, carpet and the necessary protection tools, in addition to distributing Zamzam packages on pilgrims at all pilgrim points.

Source; Al Arabiya, 2020

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