How to Change Saudi Visa or Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia

iqama proffesion
iqama proffesion

How to Change Saudi Visa or Iqama Profession in Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Labour in Saudi Arabia is really strict when it comes to the Iqama profession. Due to fraud or laziness to correct their details by individuals. The previous experience of the ministry made the department really strong and their efficiency has improved the overall process.

It is illegal for individuals to work in a different profession then the profession on their Iqama or Visa. MOL can check any time in an organization on regular audits or raids in Employee Accommodations. With proper lawful guidelines.

Jawazat has made the process of changing profession really simplified or in other words well defined compared to previously. In this article, we will tell you the requirements for the change of the Muqeem profession in Saudi Arabia. Please note the Fingerprint Enrollment is still required for any changes in Iqama or new iqama printing.

Requirements for change of Muqeem Profession in Saudi Arabia

  • The Degree Certificates of the education must be certified from the Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture in the home country. E.g. People applying for a visa from India must get higher education certificates from Saudi Consulate/Embassy in India. Before submitting any documents.
  • The Qualifications on the certificates must match or close to the visa sent by the employer or iqama profession individuals are applying for.
  • The Change of professions may subject to a fee or deposit of 1000 Saudi Riyal. Please note the change of profession may reject depending on the profession or skill of Iqama.

Common reasons for rejection of Profession Change on your Iqama / Visa.

  • Firstly, if the profession on the current visa in low category (Labour, Helper, Cleaner etc).
  • If you are changing the profession of your iqama inside Saudi Arabia and your Employer has any Violations.
  • If you are changing the profession of your iqama inside Saudi Arabia and you have any Traffic Violations or any Criminal Convictions inside KSA.
  • Wrong Fees paid or Insufficient Funds are present for change of profession.
  • Ministry of Labor rejects the request on the basis of the history of your sponsor.
  • Domestic Visa change may also reject if the case not presented correctly.
  • If the individual changing the visa inside the KSA but the previous Employer reported the employee as “Huroob” or runaway. This is one of the most common issues which sometimes used wrongly as reported to MOL.

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