A Monthly Sitting Recently Held Under the Banner of Read Pakistan

read pakistan xr
read pakistan xr

Read Pakistan

Read Pakistan – A monthly sitting recently held under the banner of Read Pakistan – KSA chapter Eastern Province in a Local Restaurant of Al – Khobar on 27th Sep 2019.

The gathering held as a follow up of their new reading initiative which hopes to promote the culture of reading books in youth. The theme of this second session was Hope, Courage, and Dream.

The event organized under the leadership of Mr. Ahsan Mehmood Malik, President Read Pakistan. Followed by his team members, Mrs. Numera Mohsin ( Vice President), Mrs. Javeria Asad ( Event Secretary), Ms. Zunaira Zulnoon ( Joint Secretary) and Mr. Asad Ali Hassan ( Finance Head).

As per the schedule two books discussed in this session Fully Charged – by Tom Rath for adults and Robinson Crusoe – by Daniel Dafoe for kids.

The program hosted by Ms. Zunaira Zulnoon which started with the recitation of the first eight verses of Surah Alaq by Hafiz Areesh Ayaz. Which later followed by an introduction to Read Pakistan by Mr. Ahsan Mehmood in which he emphasized the need for literacy skills for our youth.

He encouraged the attendees to adopt the habit of book reading in their lives as it does not help them encourage their children but also would help them unwind from stressful daily life events. He delivered the goal of building libraries in Pakistan for government schools under the banner of reading Pakistan.


Mrs. Javeria Asad

After the introduction, Mrs.Javeria Asad gave a book review for “Fully charged” by Tom Rath. She delivered the true essence of the book to the audience and concluded on the need that “life needs consistent motivation which comes from self-care. Later, she encouraged the attendees to shape up their life by small changes in their daily life routines.

She later asked club member Mrs.Robina Shaheen to give her interpretation of the book. After a prayer break, the session moved towards the second book review of Robinson Crusoe – by Daniel Dafoe which conducted by Ms. Zunaira Zulnoon. In this review, she targeted the young audience and used daily life examples which complemented the true meaning of the novel.

She concluded on the note that “we all live every day but we die only once, so with every new sunrise we get a new chance in life, so we should never give up and continue to work hard with courage and determination”.

Later on our Junior Read Ambassador Mr. Mohammad Hanzala from Pakistan International School- Al Khobar gave his interpretation of the book summary and the lessons he was able to learn.

Ms. Fatima Zulnoon from ISG- Dammam and Javeria Shahid from Pakistan International School gave their interpretation as well of Robinson Crusoe and how they were able to enjoy the many lessons learned.

In this event, Read Pakistan emphasized the psychological aspect of these two books and how to properly understand the true essence of these books.  Therefore a youth empowerment session conducted by Mrs. Numera Mohsin (psychologist).


This session covered the essence of both books, in her session she elaborated on how Dream, Hope, and Courage. Interconnected for assurance of success in life. In conclusion, how youth could stimulate their mental abilities towards achieving the state of Flow. And, to finally reach happiness in life.

Kids were encouraged to bring their favorite books and give a review on them. Among the audience members, Mr. Huzaifa from Asia international School shared his favorite book “the Mummy’s Curse- by Catherine Chambers.

New read Ambassadors, Mr. Muzzam Irshad, Muhammad Hanzala, Abdullah bin Rashid from Pakistan International School and  Mr. Raeid Hashmi from Bangladesh International School were welcomed on board by the Read Pakistan Core Team along with Mr. Saad Hashmi as an event Coordinator.

To conclude the event, refreshments served for the guests and a brainstorming session conducted to welcome new ideas and suggestions.

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