Hagia Sophia to be restored as Mosque by Turkey

Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia to be restored as Mosque by Turkey, the decision is taken by the Turkish court on Friday, 10th July 2020. The remarkable building of Hagia Sophia has been a museum since the last 80+ years. The court has annulled a government decree of 1934. More details below.

Hagia Sophia to be restored as Mosque by Turkey

Despite international warnings against the move of turning Hagia Sophia to Mosque, the country’s court has passed the decision. The President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan proposed the idea initially to restore the place into a mosque. The Hagia Sophia is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which showed the history of Christian Byzantine and Muslim Ottoman empires.

Hagia Sophia

On Friday, 10th July 2020 President Erdogan signed a decree confirming the decision to restore the status of Hagia Sophia to a mosque instead of a museum. The historic site was the part of Ottoman leader captured the city in 1453 and turned 900-year old Byzantine church to a mosque.

Hagia Sophia
Getty Images, 2020

A.K.P. party officials suggested holding the first Muslim prayers in Hagia Sophia (or Ayasofya by its Turkish name) on July 15 to mark the anniversary of a failed coup attempt in 2016 against Mr. Erdogan and his government, during a discussion about the change of status in June, the Turkish daily, Hurriyet, reported.

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