Ease of Lockdown and rules amendment by MOI on gatherings

MOI temporary suspension of events in Event halls Hotels or Istaraha
MOI temporary suspension of events in Event halls Hotels or Istaraha

Ease of Lockdown and rules amendment by MOI on gatherings. An official statement by the Ministry of Interior announced which is related to the announcement on gatherings. The statement also includes penalties for private sector establishments. Also, penalties for individuals for not adhering the social distancing and precautionary measures. Here are 3 points mentioned in the statement.

Ease of Lockdown and rules amendment by MOI on gatherings

First: Amending the maximum permissible in family and non-family gatherings inside homes, breaks, farms, or in social events such as consolation, parties and the like to become fifty (50) people.

Second: Determining the penalty for non-compliance of private-sector establishments with the precautionary measures. (the preventive protocols announced on 6 Shawwal 1441 AH) in the amount of (10,000) riyals. The penalty is for those private-sector establishments who did not introduce medical or fabric masks or what covers the nose and mouth. It also includes providing disinfectants and sterilizers in designated places. In addition, measuring the temperature for employees and customers at the entrances of malls and commercial centers, disinfecting carts, and shopping baskets after each use. Disinfecting facilities and surfaces, closing children’s play areas, and changing rooms. The repetition of each violation will be SAR 10,000.

Third: A penalty of SAR 1,000 for people who will not cover their nose and mouth. The covering should be by medical or cloth masks that cover nose and mouth. Also, the penalty on not following social distancing or refusal to allow body temperature check by public or private establishments. The penalty will also be imposed when an individual doesn’t isolate where the temperature is above 38 C. Each instance will be counted as one penalty and a fine of SAR 1,000.

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