Penalties on family, labor and other types of gatherings – Saudi Arabia

Penalties on family labor and other types of gatherings Saudi Arabia
Penalties on family labor and other types of gatherings Saudi Arabia

Penalties on family, labor, and other types of gatherings implemented in Saudi Arabia. According to the latest update of SPA, the Ministry of Interior published new guidelines on gatherings. His Royal Highness has approved these penalties for gathering violations. The gathering covers Family Gathering, non-family gathering, weddings, social events, shopping, and labor gathering in housing. Here are the details:

Penalties on family, labor and other types of gatherings implemented

  • Violation of Family Gathering which includes gathering inside homes, rest houses, or farms more than one family and do not have a relationship or live together/residential. The penalty will be SAR 10,000.
  • Non-Family Gatherings including inside homes, rest hoses/Istraha, farms, camps, chalets, or any open areas. The penalty of SAR 15,000.
  • Wedding, parties, seminars, and any gatherings in salons will have a penalty of SAR 30,000.
  • Number of Workers within houses or buildings against the suggested guidelines of social distancing. A penalty of SAR 50,000 applicable.
  • The Number of Shoppers or workers inside or outside the mall/commercial store exceeds 5 will be SAR 5,000 punishment for each person. The precautionary and preventive measures must be followed at all times as suggested by authorities.

Residents have been asked to report any violation by dialing 999 for all regions and 911 for Makkah. The aim of this update is to minimize the spread of coronavirus and avoid more cases. Penalties will also multiply and there can be legal action. The establishment may also subject to closure of 6 months for not following requirements. The general rule of social distancing, more than 5 people is in action. Please read the full details below.

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