Authorities respond about fraudulent products and food commodities in the Saudi market

Food Stocks and Product
Food Stocks and Product

Authorities respond about fraudulent products and food commodities in the Saudi market. The Ministry of Commerce, the Food and Drug General Authority, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization and the General Customs Authority confirmed today (Monday) that all products imported to the Kingdom are imported according to the specifications and standards approved in the Kingdom.

Authorities respond about fraudulent products and food commodities in the Saudi market

In response to what was raised on some social media sites about the presence of adulterated food products and commodities in the Saudi market, she explained that all products that are imported according to the specifications and standards approved in the Kingdom are subject to the standards of control and inspection at the land, air and sea ports.

The government agencies called on everyone not to circulate misleading clips to the consumer for violating the provisions of the Information Crime Law. And to inform the concerned authorities in the event of commercial violations.

Stages of import control:

The Ministry of Commerce clarified the stages of import control. As the competent authorities monitor imported products in a comprehensive control system that takes place through three stages.

The first stage in the country of origin includes several steps, whereby the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization, through approved conformity bodies in the country of export, verifies the conformity of these products in accordance with the technical regulations and Saudi standard specifications.

After that, a consignment certificate is issued for each incoming shipment to the Kingdom, and these certificates and technical documents are verified through the electronic Saber platform that has been linked to the Fasah platform at the General Authority of Customs, in order to ensure that the certificates are not tampered with.

SFDA – Fraudulent Products

The Food and Drug Authority is responsible for ensuring the quality and safety of imported products that are subject to its control, by ensuring the quality of the manufacturing process in the exporting establishments from the country of origin.

In the second stage, the customs authority is responsible for inspecting and inspecting the imported goods, and ensuring that the necessary conditions and documents approved by the clearing authorities are met. After that, it will be cleared and allowed to enter, in addition to the inspection and examination operations at the land, sea and air ports and their analysis in the laboratories of the Food and Drug General Authority in various regions of the Kingdom.

As for the third phase, the supervisory teams at the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, and the Food and Drug General Authority, with the support of the security authorities, monitor markets and warehouses.

The regulatory authorities are keen to receive consumer reports about the violation of specifications and commercial fraud, while the Standards Authority purchases various samples of products from various sales outlets in the Kingdom’s regions and verifies their conformity with the Saudi standard specifications.

Barcode and country of origin

With regard to the number on the “barcode” printed on the products, it does not indicate the country of origin, but rather that the “barcode” was created by the service provider in that country.

International companies create barcodes for their products through their regional centers closest to markets. And, it does not necessarily have to be from the country of origin. (Source: Akhbar).

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