A recent study reveals the effect of the Coronavirus on the brain

Coronavirus on the brain
Coronavirus on the brain

A recent study conducted by scientists from the US National Institute of Health revealed the effect of the Coronavirus on the brain, indicating the presence of signs of damage and leakage of blood vessels. 

A recent study reveals the effect of the Coronavirus on the brain

The study, published in the  New England Journal of Medicine , indicated that damage to small blood vessels may be the result of an inflammatory response of the body to entering the virus.  

The scientists conducted their study on 19 patients, whose ages ranged from 5 to 73 years, who died from infection with Coronavirus, and who were suffering from diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and others.    

The brain examinations showed the presence of several bright spots on the brain, which indicates the presence of infections, as well as the presence of some dark spots that indicate the presence of bleeding. 

Source: Akhbaar and Image credits: Forbes

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