889 corruption cases totalling Million of Riyals in Saudi Arabia

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889 corruption cases totalling Million Riyals in Saudi Arabia. An official source in the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority in Saudi Arabia revealed that the authority has recently initiated 889 criminal and disciplinary cases. Details below.

889 corruption cases totalling Million of Riyals in Saudi Arabia

The most prominent cases dealt with were as follows:

The first case: In addition to what was announced about suspicion of corruption, utility and exploitation of the influence of the public office of a number of municipal employees of one of the governorates in the Riyadh region. And to complete the investigations in the case and after obtaining the necessary orders from the Criminal Investigation and Prosecution Unit. Arrested 13 government employees in the same agency. 4 businessmen, and 5 residents working for companies contracting with the municipality. By searching their homes, cash amounts totalling 193,639,535 riyals found. They were hidden in several places, most notably ceilings, a groundwater tank, a service room in a mosque and an underground safe. It was established in one of the rooms in the house of one of the accused, at a depth of two meters.

By counting the real estate owned by the arrested parties to the case, which was purchased with sums of illegal origin. The purchasing value amounted to one hundred and forty-one million nine hundred and eighty-nine thousand seven hundred and nine riyals. The total savings in their bank accounts amounted to one hundred forty-nine million four hundred eighteen thousand and ninety-nine hundred riyals. And, through the investigations, it appeared that one of the defendants had exploited the power of the public office to unlawfully disbursed one hundred and ten million six thousand five hundred and forty-five riyals through a credit platform for commercial entities in order to obtain these amounts.

Real estate and bank balances

Also seized in the accounts of those entities and (pre-paid) cards were found from a food store with a value of two million five hundred thousand riyals. And (pre-paid) fuel cards worth one hundred forty-nine thousand two hundred twenty-five riyals, and foreign currencies whose value was in Saudi riyals. Four million, one hundred and fifteen thousand, three hundred and four riyals. So the total of the seized amounts of cash, real estate, bank balances, foreign currency values ​​and prepaid cards will be six hundred and one million, eight hundred and nineteen thousand two hundred and ninety riyals.

The second case: The arrest of 2 residents of one of the Arab nationalities while they received an amount of one million riyals in cash. And a cheque for three million riyals out of an amount of seven million riyals agreed upon with the owner of one of the institutions in exchange for awarding a transfer project. And another project belonging to one of the ministries in the subcontinent with a value of six hundred Eighty million riyals. In addition to financial commissions for engineers and consultants in the project, exceeding fifty million riyals, which were agreed to be paid later.

Prohibited materials

The third case: the arrest of a retired non-commissioned officer who previously worked as a warehouse official for one of the security sectors for having embezzled during his tenure an amount of one million eight hundred and forty-four thousand eight hundred and fifty riyals, caught in a criminal case.

The fourth case: In cooperation with the General Authority of Customs. 3 residents of one of the Arab nationalities arrested while they were handing over an amount of eight hundred and fifty thousand riyals out of the sum of one million riyals to a customs employee in exchange for the entry of a shipment of prohibited materials through a border crossing.

3 officers and a former director at the Ministry of Justice

The fifth case: In cooperation with the Ministry of Defense. 3 officers and a non-commissioned officer in the Ministry of Defense arrested. 5 people working for a company contracting with the Ministry to implement some projects in a military base in one of the regions. Because they included official documents and incorrect facts to prove the completion of a project. Which resulted in a complete dismissal Dues of the company and the officer in charge of the project obtaining an amount of two hundred and forty thousand riyals in cash to buy his own car.

The sixth case: the suspension of a former branch manager in the Ministry of Justice in one of the regions. And the director of the Expropriation Department in the district’s secretariat. For the first to pay an amount of five hundred thousand riyals to the second in exchange for terminating a financial compensation transaction for the first of seventeen million and three hundred thousand riyals in an irregular manner.

The seventh case: the suspension of an employee in the Ministry of Transport (a marine inspector) for colluding with the owner of one of the establishments by approving the activity of the institution with the ministry in exchange for 50% of the institution’s profits, which amounted to three hundred thousand riyals.

Forged driver’s licenses

The eighth case: the suspension of a former employee in the municipality of Al-Hajar in the Eastern Province. For awarding a number of projects to his private companies. And a number of companies that have a relationship with their owners. As a result of these violations, he obtained contracts amounting to thirteen million nine hundred and thirty-five thousand riyals.

The ninth case: Arresting non-commissioned officers and two employees. Working in the traffic of one of the regions to exploit the influence of the public office. And bribery by extracting forged international driving licenses for a number of female citizens. Helping them to exchange them from the Traffic Department with Saudi licenses. Amounting to 223 licenses for a fee ranging between 1500 riyals to 3000 riyals for each license.

The tenth case: The arrest of an employee in the Ministry of HR in one of the regions. While requesting a sum of money in exchange for transferring the sponsorship of a migrant worker through illegal means.

Official documents

The eleventh case: An employee of Asian nationality working in the Health Affairs Department in a ministry arrested. For selling some medical equipment to a company for an amount of fifty-seven thousand five hundred forty riyals.

The twelfth case: Suspending an employee in the secretariat of one of the regions for requesting an amount of fifty thousand riyals from Mwatana in exchange for submitting official documents.

The thirteenth case: In cooperation with the General Authority of Customs. A citizen and two expatriates arrested for paying one hundred thousand riyals to a customs inspector. To facilitate the entry of a shipment of fabrics with prohibited materials inside.

The commission confirmed that it continues to monitor and control anyone who trespasses on public money. Or exploits the position to achieve his personal interest or to harm the public interest. And that the commission is continuing to implement what the system requires against transgressors without complacency. And the ability of government agencies’ efforts in combating financial and administrative corruption and setting policies.

Measures that enhance the efficiency of performance, speed of achievement and blocking outlets of corruption. Praising the cooperation of those parties with them. And the media on what is published in order to protect the integrity and achieve the principle of transparency and combating corruption. Thanking citizens and residents for their cooperation in reporting through the available channels of the authority. Including phone number (980). For any practices that involve financial or administrative corruption that undermine the state’s efforts to support. And enhance the comprehensive development process in light of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

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