World’s Richest Horse race to be hosted in Saudi Arabia

horse race saudi cup
horse race saudi cup

Saudi Arabia is hosting the world’s richest horse race in the history. The event will take place at the King Abdulaziz Racetrack. The date of the event is 29th February and the cash prizes of $20 million as reported by Yahoo Sports. More details below.

World’s Richest Horse race in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is investing a lot of time, effort and resources towards sports. As we also heard the news about biggest olympics event in Saudi Arabia recently. The Horse race event is part of Saudi Cup and it is expected to have 10,000 spectators. The winner of the event will take home $10 Million and 2nd place award is $3.5 Million. However, this is one of the rare events where 10th place finisher will also be awarded something and no one goes home empty handed.

“We are taking the first steps on a journey to bring the domestic racing product on a par with our international counterparts,” said Tom Ryan, director of strategy and international racing at the Jockey Club of Saudi Arabia.

Yahoo Sports, 2020

Tickets for Horse Race event – Saudi Cup

Tickets starts from SAR 90 and it goes until SAR 1,800 for full expierience. Click here for full details on tickets.

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