Cars and Buses stopped at Highway Checkposts – No Entry for Pilgrims by Road

makkah checkpost
makkah checkpost

Cars and buses stopped at Highway Checkpost where people are wearing Ahram. We have recently received an update from several drivers who are saying that they were asked to go back if they had a passenger wearing Ahram. More details below.

Cars and buses stopped at Makkah Checkpost

Some drivers who entered Makkah reported that either they were lucky to enter. Or there were no pilgrims in their cars. People are also reporting that there is strict checking going on because of risks and recent temporary suspension of Coronavirus Outbreak.

Please note there is no official announcement on stopping the locals but it seems road travel is also restricted. These updates are just sent to us by individuals, there are no official sources. Drivers are requesting to return back to avoid any disappointment and getting stuck in lines.

We have also received an audio message from a driver who had Pilgrims passengers with him. And he was told to take a U-Turn and go back to Madinah. The driver said he was taking them from Madinah to Makkah. The driver also added that he has been told that there is no issue to enter Madinah so far but visit at your own risk.

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