No ban for work visa and some other visa categories in Saudi Arabia

No ban for work visa and some other visa categories in Saudi Arabia

No ban for a work visa and other visa categories which includes multiple re-entry visa holders, employment visa, business and family visit visa holders. The Saudi visa temporary suspension has created a panic for everyone planning to the Kingdom. however, there are still some conditions which are mentioned below.

No ban for work visa and some other visa categories in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Airlines has also confirmed that they have received further clarification. The clarification exempts the travel suspension for the above visas. But if the person has visited the countries with coronavirus outbreak, they may not be allowed to enter the Kingdom. The time of 14 days or two weeks will be checked if the traveler visited the country with Coronavirus Outbreak.

Saudi nationals who have traveled with their national ID only before the news of passport required to travel. Allowed to return their country on National ID.

The list of countries mentioned is still not allowed on a tourist visa. We will suggest you contact the airline before reaching any airport for confirmation.

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