WHO announced about more deadly virus than Corona ‘Disease X’

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WHO announced about more deadly virus than Corona ‘Disease X’. The Ministry of Health, in response to the World Health Organization’s statements at the Davos 2024 Economic Forum about a potentially more deadly disease named X than Corona, assured the citizens and residents of the Kingdom.

WHO announced about more deadly virus than Corona ‘Disease X’.

Emphasizing the recurring nature of such news, the Ministry highlighted the perpetual readiness of healthcare for unforeseen challenges. It clarified that the World Health Organization’s calls serve as motivation for health systems and countries to enhance their capabilities in monitoring and confronting epidemics, minimizing potential losses.

The Ministry underscored the unpredictable nature of epidemics due to the constant evolution of viruses and germs, emphasizing the ongoing preparedness for the unknown, referred to as “Disease X.”

While acknowledging the existence of viruses and germs in nature, the Ministry expressed gratitude that, despite their ability to breach natural barriers, most epidemics do not escalate into pandemics. It concluded by emphasizing constant anticipation for the future unknown as part of divine destiny.

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