New rules for deliver services sector in Saudi Arabia

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New rules for deliver services sector in Saudi Arabia. In April, Saudi Arabia is poised to implement new regulations governing the delivery services sector, disallowing expatriates from engaging in self-employment within this rapidly expanding industry. The Transport General Authority (TGA) in the kingdom has introduced a comprehensive set of rules aimed at overseeing the delivery sector, introducing measures such as a mandated uniform for non-Saudi workers in the field.

New rules for deliver services sector in Saudi Arabia

Under these regulations, delivery companies are required to activate a face-verification feature for their drivers, utilizing a system directly linked to the TGA. Non-Saudi delivery drivers are obligated to gradually transition to working through light transport firms within a specified 14-month timeframe. Notably, self-employment remains permissible for Saudi nationals within the sector.

Furthermore, the newly established rules authorize the use of light transport vehicles for advertising, in coordination with the Ministry of Municipal and Village Affairs. The overarching goal of this system is to elevate the efficiency of delivery drivers and associated services, while concurrently enhancing safety and trustworthiness levels within the sector.

According to TGA spokesman Saleh Al Zuwayed, these regulations are designed to motivate Saudi citizens to actively participate in the delivery sector, with a strategic aim to generate more employment opportunities for them. Al Zuwayed emphasized the significance of regulating and enhancing the efficiency of the delivery sector, asserting that it aligns with the principal objectives of the TGA.

As per the latest information provided by Al Zuwayed, there are currently 37 licensed companies operating within the delivery sector in the kingdom. Last year witnessed over 200 million delivery operations, underscoring the imperative to regulate the sector and enhance its trustworthiness and safety standards, while simultaneously creating numerous opportunities for Saudi workers. Additionally, there are 100 licensed light transport companies facilitating the delivery of parcels and other orders in collaboration with delivery apps.

Source: [Saudi news TV Al Ekhbariya]

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