First Alcohol store to open in capital city of Saudi Arabia

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First Alcohol store to open in capital city of Saudi Arabia. According to a source familiar with the matter, Saudi Arabia is preparing to inaugurate its first alcohol establishment in the capital, Riyadh, as reported by Reuters. Positioned in the Diplomatic Quarter, this facility is exclusively tailored for non-Muslim diplomats. Prospective patrons must register through a mobile app and acquire a clearance code from the foreign ministry to gain entry.

First Alcohol store to open in capital city of Saudi Arabia

In addition to these requirements, customers are obligated to adhere to monthly quotas governing their alcohol acquisitions. This strategic move aligns with Saudi Arabia’s ongoing commitment to bolstering tourism and business ventures within the Kingdom. Notably, the alcohol store in Riyadh, situated in a zone housing embassies and diplomats, will be strictly limited to non-Muslims, as stipulated in official documentation.

While uncertainty lingers regarding access for other non-Muslim expatriates, it is noteworthy that the majority of expatriates in Saudi Arabia are Muslim laborers hailing from nations such as Asia and Egypt. Informed insiders anticipate the store’s opening in the weeks to come.

Furthermore, the Saudi government has introduced fresh restrictions on alcohol imports within diplomatic consignments. This strategic measure is designed to combat the illicit trade of alcoholic goods and products received by diplomatic missions. The Center of International Communication (CIC) clarified that these regulations are intended to ensure diplomats from non-Muslim embassies have access to alcohol products within specified quotas, aligning with international diplomatic conventions.

Source: gulf news and reuters

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