What is destiny? By Esha Amir


What is destiny?

By: Esha Amir

The word destiny has been strongly misinterpreted. It is believed that whatever happens to us has already been written in an invisible book tagging along with every individual. events just unfold themselves as the time passes. But in truth, destiny is molded by human choices.

What is destiny?

William Shakespeare
“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”,.

Desired destiny and the destiny fulfilled can be very dissimilar. It only depends on what choices we make to reach our aim. Some choices may end us up in dejected regret and some may bring great success and bliss.
Success is another word for Eminence.

Destiny is not something to be believed in or not. It is something that is bound to happen on its own accord, which no doubt depends on our desicions and choices.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be”, What is it that we need to do to reach our goals? We dont have to let loose and sit around waiting for success to come running towards us. We have to make choices necessary to claim success.

Destiny can metaphorically be called an unshaped precious stone. We have to carve and shape it ourselves in order to produce a beautiful piece. For example, Imagine driving on a highway and your car breaks down. sounds terrifying and troublesome, right? You’re left waiting for someone to stop and help you.

Now imagine someone did stop to help but your head fills up with a fair amount of doubt, Is that person going to take advantage of your vulnerability? Or help you? Going with the flow gets life a bit uncertain and unpredictable. If you had prepared well before driving out your car would have been working perfectly fine.

Dwelling in the pages of past and future to find an answer to destiny is not a fair idea. The choices sometimes give you only a few seconds to choose which may go horribly wrong or incredibly right.

Now lets see if a person feels their destiny to be a powerful influencer with the objective of making a great impact. The initial step would be to study influencers, learn to communicate and explain, be patient and work your way to catch an audience.

Sometimes the achieved destiny is not what we expected. It is a surprisingly unexpected talent we discover along the line of working for something else which will possibly give better outcomes and reduce the chances of failure by a large percentage. This particular flair will be the cause of greatness.

Alice Sebold

“Sometimes the dreams that come true are the dreams you never even knew you had”, Life is nothing but a rollercoaster of choices. We go up and down, over and under but we so reach our aims if we try. Be it an unexpected or a desired destiny. It’s very simple isn’t it?

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