Is Social Media empowering Females In KSA?

Is Social Media empowering Females In KSA
Is Social Media empowering Females In KSA

Is Social Media Empowering Females In KSA?

Sehrish Yasir – Social media has come in our lives as a game-changer as it has changed everything and lifestyles of all its users. Talking about women’s role in society and the lives of people, the topic has always been given high importance. While the way women have perceived effects of social media is entirely different because as per human nature women have got more attracted to all those things, which goes with their nature.

Is Social Media empowering Females In KSA?

As far as learning is concerned, in the 21st-century learning of potential people is not confined to school, colleges, or business interactions only, but socialization has become a main source of learning for everyone. Social media these days has become the most common way of learning and spreading awareness; especially since the global health pandemic has changed everything and people are confined in their homes, physically distant, yet socially connected.

Talking about the positive side of social media mainly in terms of learning opportunities it has given to the women of the society include:
Business skills and opportunities are one of the blessings of social media that have been availed by women of the current century.

Specifically talking about women in KSA it can be noted that the saturation of business is high and there is intense competition among women belonging to different regions and nationalities. But, social media helps them connect in a way that they can talk and develop a friendship bond.

Currently, the concept of vlogging has started getting common among youngsters. And, on a true note women make up artists and home chefs have made most out of it while providing a bright learning opportunity to their followers.

Through social media, women in KSA are using whatever talent they have. Whether, its art and craft or cooking or makeup skills. They portray their work and talent through social websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube and let several other women and girls improve upon their skills and further get into professional careers of respective fields.

Women Empowered by support

Women are being empowered by each other’s support, there are many psychological counselors presents online dealing through social media and helping women to get over bad incidents in their life and anxiety, depression or any other issue they are going through in this lockdown. These counselors show them a new and bright way to see things from a pessimistic perspective.

The effect of media or social media is uniform everywhere with only slight changes in users’ responses. Women’s empowerment through social media learning outweighs its distractive aspect of the routine activities and responsibilities. It is in the way that social media helps women to connect and interact in the most efficient manner, which get them chances to grow their business, polish their skills and most importantly earn money.

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