Violations of COVID19 Safety Measures by Pakistani Community Visiting the Embassy

Embassy Pakistan
Embassy Pakistan

Waqar Naseem Wamiq, Riyadh – A large number of Pakistanis continue to visit the Embassy for consular services and purchase of tickets (being sold by PIA) for special repatriation flights.

Today as well, approximately 1500 Pakistanis thronged the Diplomatic Quarters for visiting the Embassy.

This number included a substantial number of visitors who came to purchase the tickets without any prior intimation call from the Embassy.

The visitors can be seen in the pictures are standing outside the Diplomatic Quarters main gate and the Embassy premises.

The Embassy has been continuously advising its community to strictly adhere to the safety measures for COVID19 announced by the Saudi government.

These measures include wearing of protective masks/gloves and maintaining a safety distance of 2 meters from each other.

Violations of COVID19 Safety Measures by Pakistani Community Visiting the Embassy

The Saudi government has also imposed a complete ban on gatherings of more than 50 people in order to contain the spread of virus.

However, today as well, despite repeated requests by the Ambassador and other officers/officials of the Embassy, the crowd did not adhere to the safety precautions.

The pictures clearly show a disorganized crowd with visitors standing very close to each other. Without any gloves and disturbed Diplomatic Quarters police personnel trying to restore order in the crowd.

The issue has been raised by the higher officials of the Diplomatic Quarters General Authority with the Embassy now as well causing embarrassment for Pakistan.

Riyadh is witnessing a substantial spike in the number of new Corona virus cases. Today, for seventh consecutive day, it registered the highest number of COVID19 cases.

The Saudi government is witnessing the situation with great concern and unconfirmed news of another lockdown are already in circulation.


In such circumstances, such irresponsible behavior, by a large Pakistani crowd. It does not bode well for the smooth functioning/continuation of Embassy services. It also risks heavy fines, in addition to the possibility of permanent repatriation of repeated offenders by the Saudi authorities.

Keeping in view the above, the Embassy would, once again, like to appeal that all visitors to the Diplomatic Quarters and the Embassy must strictly adhere to the safety guidelines of the Saudi authorities. Especially with regard to wearing masks/gloves and maintaining of safety distance.

The Diplomatic Quarters police department has informed that, from tomorrow, visitors violating these safety measures would not be allowed entry into the Diplomatic Quarters.

The Embassy would like to reiterate that it fully understands the difficulties faced by the Pakistani visitors and appreciates their patience and cooperation in this regard.

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