Third phase of Umrah Reopening and what to expect

Hajj Makkah
Hajj Makkah

Third phase Umrah Reopening details and what to expect. On November 1st, 2020, the third phase of performing Umrah for those coming from outside Saudi Arabia will begin. By applying the highest standards and distinctive health protocols for the safety of the pilgrims.

Third phase of Umrah Reopening details and what to expect

Hani Al-Amiri, a member of the National Committee for Hajj and Umrah and a member of the Hotel Committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, revealed to that large numbers of people wanting to perform Umrah from all over the world have prepared, and the service of purchasing programs for Umrah will be available through Online booking platforms.

He added that the pilgrim can purchase the entire program of aviation, transportation, hotels, and subsistence, and specify a company or Umrah establishment to provide services, as there are 531 Saudi companies and Umrah establishments working to provide the best services and packages for the pilgrims, according to him.

He also continued that there are more than 6,500 external Umrah agents, 32 sites and a global reservation platform available to book programs through it and pay online, while Umrah companies and establishments are prepared, and all health courses for prevention and crowd management have been taken for their employees and workers.

In addition, he revealed that the work of a number of these companies has been activated, and the rest of the other companies and institutions are underway to complete the procedures for activating them for this year’s season 1442 AH by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah and the competent authorities.

Thousands of pilgrims and worshipers

In the context also, the spokesperson of the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, Hani Haider, stated that the presidency has completed its preparations for the launch of the third phase of the return of pilgrims and worshipers, with a package of intensive preventive measures coinciding with the expected increase in numbers, with continuous follow-up by the General President for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sudais.

He said, “Starting tomorrow, Sunday, the General Presidency at the Grand Mosque will receive 20,000 pilgrims and 60,000 worshipers per day, and its employees work in cooperation with the concerned authorities to facilitate procedures and apply precautions for the safety, security and comfort of the guests of Rahman.”

He also stressed that the General Presidency has equipped 600 electric trolleys and 5,000 wheelbarrows, supervised by 120 employees, especially for pilgrims, and they are sterilized continuously, before and after use, with sterilization stickers placed to confirm that the vehicles are sterile and ready for use again, adding that the presidency made fun of 33 field teams work around the clock to sterilize all sides of the Grand Mosque and its external squares and toilets, using more than 2,500 liters of environmentally friendly sterilizers for the safety of those visiting the Grand Mosque, and there are more than 300 modern automatic hand sterilization devices that work with a sensor feature, distributed in the corners of a house God Almighty, you consume more than 1000 liters per day.


Hani indicated that the presidency is continuing within the third phase in organizing the entry and exit paths of pilgrims and worshipers, applying precautionary measures, and social divergence between them in all the chapels, during the performance of all duties, indicating that it follows the flow of movement and supervision of all sites in the Grand Mosque, starting from the squares The expansions and inside the parking lot and the corridors leading to it, to monitor all the observations and negatives that hinder the movement of the crowds, and the presidential operations are directly linked with the security and health authorities operating in the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

In addition, he noted the need to adhere to the instructions and precautionary measures such as wearing masks, sterilizing hands, maintaining a distance between you and others in order to achieve social distancing, bringing a special carpet, and not accompanying children, in order to ensure the safety of pilgrims and worshipers and that they have a safe and healthy.

Source: Al Arabiya

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