Ten things you need to know about the Day of Arafah

day of arafah riyadh xpress
day of arafah riyadh xpress

Day of Arafah

Day of Arafah – A day which has been favored by Allah most importantly, when a great many Muslims from each side of the world spread the plain of Arafah paying little mind to their disparities in status and assessments, in total submission to Allah.

We made it easier to understand the super-exceptional virtues, reward, and significance of the day of Arafah below.

1. Hajj becomes valid only when the day of Arafah is observed and witnessed by the pilgrims.

2. Fasting on this day is an expiation for two years. The previous year and the next one.

(Narrated by Muslim)

3. It is a day by which Allah swore an oath.

(Narrated by al-Tirmidhi and classed as saheeh by al-Albaani)

4. It is the day on which Allah took the covenant from the progeny of Adam.

(Narrated by Ahmad and classed as saheeh by al-Albaani)

5. It is the day on which the religion was perfected and Allah’s Favor was completed.


6. It is the day of forgiveness of sins and freedom from the Fire.

(Narrated by Saheeh Muslim)

7. It is a day of Eid for the people who are in that place.

(Narrated by the authors of al-Sunan)

8. On this day, Allah boasts about the people of Arafah to the dwellers of heaven saying,

“My slaves have come to Me, looking rough from every deep valley hoping for My Mercy, so if your sins were equivalent to the amount of sand or the drops of rain or like the foam of sea, I will forgive them…”

(Reported by Tabrani. Al-Albaani graded it Hassan.)

9. On no other day does the shaytan feel so belittled, humiliated, and angry as he does on this Day.

The reason for this is because of the Mercy of Allah tha descends & the forgiveness that He grants to people on this day.

(Narrated by Maalik)

10. The best of supplications is that of the day of Arafah.

La ilaha illa Allah wahdahu la sharika lah, lahul-mulk wa lahul-hamd wa huwa ‘ala kulli shay’in qadir

(There is no god but Allah Alone, with no partner or associate. His is the Dominion and to Him be praise, and He is able to do all things).

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